Discovering Finland, Porvoo the history, culture, nature and cooking traditional Scandinavian dishes (6-7 hours, 149€ per person)

We will explore the old city of Porvoo, learn about its history. We will walk along the old streets and forest paths.
Then we will purchase (in the local shop) all products to be utilized in order to cock Finnish specialties together.
Upon our arrival to the kitchen, a professional chef will explain how we will proceed during the next hours.
The chef will tell us where the recipes are coming from and what they contain.
Then a task will be assigned to everyone and several dishes will be made simultaneously.

When everything is ready, the dishes will be tasted together in a very nice atmosphere (starter, main course, dessert).

A special moment to spend in couple, with your family, friends or in a small group.
It is important to mention food restriction or allergies (gluten, lactose …) in your registration, in order to avoid these ingredients during the preparation of the dishes.




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